Swords for Scribes

Providing martial arts experience and reliable information to writers through hands-on workshops and coaching.


I’m a professional muse and creative guide, certified Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach, writer, and writing coach.  There’s a lot of writing and a lot of stories in my life.  But before I was old enough to write stories down I was a story lover and storyteller, making up interesting little tales to entertain myself and my friends in the lunch line and at recess.

All my life I’ve loved stories—reading them, writing them, hearing them, watching them.  I always loved stories of magic and adventure, fairy tales and monsters, and as a little girl I learned to love stories about swords from watching Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power movies with my grandfather.  Now, I am bringing that love of sword fighting and stories together to share with others, along with some practical experience with handling swords and other weapons, so we can bring even more fantastic stories into the world.

For more about me, visit my website: MuseCraft™.


I was raised to believe that reading was the most fundamental art that a person could learn. Without it, a person is always dependent on others for knowledge; with it, there is nothing you can’t learn. I took this to heart and have always had a special appreciation for books.

Growing up, I spent many late nights and lazy afternoons with books of all kinds, whether histories, textbooks, spy novels, science fiction stories or epic fantasy. My favorites were the grand adventures by authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks and more recently R. Scott Bakker, Joe Abercrombie, S.M. Stirling, and Brandon Sanderson.

I have been studying  Western European martial arts since the mid-90s and teaching for much of that.  I have taught classes on a variety of subjects including armed combat with rapier, pole-arms, and cane as well as unarmed close quarters combat from the German Liechtenauer tradition.  In addition to these classes, I have conducted workshops, demonstrations, panels and lectures across the country and internationally.

In my so called spare time, I translate European martial arts texts into English. I also enjoy woodworking, a skill which I have been putting to use helping with the restoration of the tall ship Royaliste. Through this, I have been making more new friends and broadening my knowledge of wooden tall ships and traditional sailing arts.