A Writer’s Introduction to Knife Fighting Basics

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Does your hero get into risky situations?  Is she the sort that might need a knife in a boot sheath?  When would a knife come in really handy?  What’s the difference between a long knife and a short sword?  Can the knife you’re thinking of actually be concealed beneath his motorcycle jacket?

We have answers for you.  Join us at this four hour workshop for:

  • An overview of knife types–find out why some knives are straight and some are curved
  • Demonstrations of techniques used for each type of knife
  • A discussion of martial history and its relationship to world building
  • Viewing of fight scenes using various knife types and fighting styles
  • Writing exercises to help you capture your experiences for use in your stories

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Please note:

Class size is limited to 10 students.  Registration will open first to announcement list subscribers, so make sure to sign up to receive registration information as soon as it is available.

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