A Writer’s Introduction to Swords and Swordplay–April 13, 2013

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S4S ButtonDo you need to know if your protagonist’s semester of fencing in college would be useful if he was transported back to the thirteenth century?  How about if she went back to the eighteenth century?

Do you need to know how a rapier feels when you swing it or how a sword feels when it hits a target?

Would you like to find out what the difference is between a rapier, a long sword, and a great sword?  Or find out how a sword feels in the hand, how your arm feels after you hold it up for two minutes, how long a sword fight really lasts?

We have all that info, lots of hands-on instruction, demos of actual swordplay, and writing prompts and exercises to help deepen your understanding of what you learn.

Early-bird registration open until March 23, 2013: $60
After March 23, 2013: $75.

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